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View From The Top: Treehouse Hotels In Africa View From The Top: Treehouse Hotels In Africa Hotels can get a little boring. White sheets, a tv, maybe a desk – they all have the same basic set-up. So break out from the ordinary and stay somewhere more exciting! Africa, it turns out, is a hub for treehouse hotels. It’s your childhood dreams come to fruition. Check out the list below to see where you can go out on a limb during your travels.
The 10-20-30 HIIT Workout The 10-20-30 HIIT Workout Trendy workouts come and go but this method seems like it’s here for the long run (pun intended). High intensity interval training, aka HIIT, has been catapulted to the forefront of the fitness world stage with programs like Crossfit, Tabata, and any boot camp style class. The difficulty with HIIT programs is finding a formula to achieve dependable results. This is where a group of Danish researchers come in.
Treading Rightly: Pros and Cons of a Treadmill Workout Treading Rightly: Pros and Cons of a Treadmill Workout The treadmill, known by its detractors as the “hamster wheel” or a “Medieval torture device”, originated in antiquity as a power source. That seems innocent enough. But just like a game of Monopoly, somebody always has to take it too far. In 1818, English engineer Sir William Cubitt invented a punishment treadmill to take advantage of able-bodied but idle prisoners at Bury St Edmunds Prison. Okay, so “Medieval torture device” isn’t that far off from the truth as it stands.
Hitler’s French Bunker Uncovered Hitler’s French Bunker Uncovered Of all the things you could discover in the woods, one of Hitler’s bunkers is in the top three creepiest options. This is exactly what happened to a photographer / urban explorer named Marc Askat during an expedition through some woods in northern France. Askat stumbled upon this bunker while looking for things to photograph. He certainly found some interesting subject matter. It is believed that this building was one of the last bunkers Hitler used during the War. It was likely where Hitler planned the invasion of Britain.
These Lost Titanic Photos Will Amaze You These Lost Titanic Photos Will Amaze You The RMS Titanic was, and is, the most famous ship in history. The British passenger liner was, at the time of its construction, the largest ship in the world. It was the second of three Olympic-class ships built by the White Star Line, constructed in the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast and designed by Thomas Andrews. It wasn’t only the Titanic’s size that made it famous. On the morning of April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank into the North Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg during its headline-making maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Approximately 1,500 people died in the accident.
One Foot In Front Of The Other: The Best Hiking Treks In Nepal One Foot In Front Of The Other: The Best Hiking Treks In Nepal You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to enjoy trekking in Nepal – there are plenty of other options. The country is an outdoor paradise for hikers and offers impressive views of mountains, jungles, ancient cities, and various bastions of Tibetan culture. The more remote trails gives the adventurous a chance to explore pristine landscapes while popular trails allow visitors to connect with other trekkers. Regardless of what kind of experience you want, you can’t go wrong with the treks listed below.